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Learn why Flex Suisse is pledging to fly on Biofuel with the Fly Green Coalition

"It's all about the collective commitment", says CEO Nicolai Mikkelsen. Learn more about the Fly Green Coalition and why Flex Suisse is one of the many companies pledging to kickstart the world’s transition to fossil-free flying.

We spoke to Nicolai Mikkelsen, CEO of Flex Suisse, about committing to reducing their business travel with SAF, and why they have joined the Fly Green Coalition. 

Aviation needs to change, now.

Aviation emissions make up about 2.5% of global carbon emissions and are projected to contribute to as much as 22% of global warming by 2050.  Besides the obvious solutions - fly less, or stop flying altogether - how do we bend the curve on business travel emissions here and now?

This is the question the founders of the Fly Green Coalition are looking to answer. The FGC is a platform for businesses and climate leaders who want to help accelerate the adoption of fossil-free travel, by pledging to reduce a percentage of their flight emissions with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF). Learn more.


Meet CEO Nicolai Mikkelsen

Beyond his CEO responsibilities, Nicolai is deeply passionate about ESG and sustainability, actively participating in initiatives to combat climate change and champion diversity & inclusion. This commitment reflects his goal of guiding Flex Suisse and the broader business community towards a more responsible and sustainable future. Leveraging his experience, Nicolai has effectively integrated ESG principles into the operation, management, and expansion of recruitment enterprises, establishing himself as a driving force for positive change in both business and environmental spheres.


Who is Flex Suisse?

"We are one of the leading alternative legal service providers in Switzerland, Germany, and Liechtenstein. Being a legal service provider means that we deliver legal and compliance experts on an interim and contracting basis. We currently employ approximately 140 people."

Why are you pledging to be a part of the Fly Green Coalition?

"It’s a great initiative that I think every business leader should support - especially if they are frequent flyers. With 2 European offices, we’re not long-haul fliers, but we understand that our business travel has an impact. We travel, both for business and leisure. For professional service businesses like ours travel might make up 95% of our emissions, and it's our responsibility to reduce that footprint. So when I heard about this project, it was a no-brainer. Pledging to reduce 10% of our flight emissions using SAF sends a signal to the aviation industry that the demand for SAF from business travelers is changing. If we can play a small part in accelerating the transition to fossil-free flying, we’re up for the challenge.” 


CEO of Flex Suisse Nicolai Mikkelsen on why they have joined FGT, Live from COP28 Climate Hub December 1, 2023

Why are you pledging now?

 "Joining the Fly Green Coalition very much aligns with our dedication to creating positive change in businesses and the world. I’m very committed to bringing ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) values into the workplace, and it’s a big part of Flex Suisse's DNA. I think working with recruitment and HR especially, we often focus on the Social part of ESG, addressing issues like fair pay, equality, diversity inclusion, mental health, and wellbeing - but we should consider the environmental side as well.  Joining this coalition is an important signal to send to our clients, candidates and employees.

We are pledging now because even our industry is being impacted by climate change and concerns for the future. We want to be part of the solutions and help change the trajectory."


"It's about the collective commitment", CEO of Flex Suisse Nicolai Mikkelsen, on their the Fly Green Coalition pledge
Live from COP28 Climate Hub December 1, 2023

What impact do you think it will have on Flex Suisse and the world?

"For us, it is as much about the collective commitment. We currently employ around 140 people, so our pledge alone will not change the game. The key is really to get more people involved and talking about this, so we can start reducing the price of SAF, to make it a more affordable solution. 
We need to take every step we can to show that businesses have the power to shape the world positively. By adopting sustainable aviation practices, we not only reduce our own carbon footprint but also contribute to a collective effort that will shape a more sustainable future for our planet."



It's time to unlock the missing piece in your sustainability strategy



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