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Get to know the carbon offsetting terms

If you're reading this blog right now, odds are that you care about climate and our planets wellbeing.

Even treehuggers and eco-enthusiasts can have a hard time understanding what it means when a product (like ours!) is labeled CO2 Neutral, CO2 compensated or CO2 free, or even Net Zero.

And well, we can't speak for everyone with these labels, but we think it's about time that we get the terms straight, and start speaking the same language. 


In this video, our CEO and Founder, Christian Møller-Holst, gives his take on the definitions of the frequently used offsetting terms "carbon free", "carbon compensated" and "carbon neutral", explaining the differences between the terms. This video also touches on the topic of carbon compensation and carbon removal projects, and how a product can claim to be carbon neutral or carbon compensated via carbon credits.