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Goodwings is fueling aviation's green transition

Goodwings is revolutionizing air travel with affordable biofuel. Learn how businesses can take immediate action to decarbonize their travel and meet ESG targets.

Affordable biofuel has remained a distant goal… until now. 

Goodwings has officially launched biofuels, meaning that businesses can now reduce their flight emissions by 25-100% on domestic trips, 10-50% on regional trips and 1-10% on long-haul, at a considerably lower cost than purchasing it directly through the airline. 

Accelerating the decarbonization of business travel with biofuel

Bill Gates’ $50 million grant to LanzaJet and the recent plans from the Danish government to secure a single 100% green domestic route by 2025 were promising to the ongoing discourse around the decarbonization of air travel, but the announcements also underlined a very key point - we’re still a long way off making this an affordable, scalable solution without substantial subsidies, discounted loans or private investment. 

  Adding biofuel to our offering means that when you book a hotel with Goodwings, we use our booking revenues to purchase biofuel on your behalf, removing any remaining emissions with nature-based removal offsets.


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Being able to offer biofuel at an affordable rate is an industry game-changer, but the ones who will benefit the most will be our clients; businesses of all sizes who are under increased pressure to find solutions that drastically reduce their travel emissions and help them reach their ESG targets. Businesses are also more primed than ever to prioritize their environmental impact. Not only are they seeing the effects of climate change on their bottom line - with supply chain breakdowns caused by floods, hurricanes and fires, but they’re also seeing it in their personal lives too, spearheading a new wave of conscious leadership at a very senior level.


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Adding biofuel to our offering was the natural next step for us, as it takes us one step closer to decarbonizing travel. As a business dedicated to taking positive climate action, we continue to seek out the best climate solutions for our customers so that, together, we can achieve the greatest impact.

- Christian Møller-Holst, CEO and Founder of Goodwings


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Read the full interview with Christian in Forbes.



Why reducing our reliance on fossil fuels is key

As a business, we’ve always focused on investing in the climate solutions that will help us achieve the greatest impact, and we’ve taken this quick but decisive decision to invest in biofuels because we believe it has the power to accelerate the growth of the biofuel market and help us take even bigger strides towards the decarbonization of the aviation industry - an industry that contributes around 3% of global GHG emissions today and is expected to account for 25% of global emissions in 2050.


  The goals set out in the Paris Agreement underline that we need to take a two-tiered approach - we need to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and replace those with renewable alternatives (such as biofuel), but we also need to invest heavily in nature to absorb the huge quantities of CO2 that we emit. With the addition of biofuel and our existing removal offset projects in Uruguay, we are addressing both of those needs. 


The timing of this new offering is also key. In November, nearly 30,000 leaders from governments, businesses, NGOs and civil society groups will meet (most physically, but others remotely) in Egypt for COP27 to debate climate solutions that might take effect in two, five, ten or even twenty years down the line. What we’re offering is a solution that businesses can implement here and now.


But how does it work in practice?

Let’s take an example - if you fly from New York to Boston, your round-trip emissions will total around 150 kg of CO2. For that trip, a 3-night hotel stay booked with Goodwings will generate around $60 in hotel booking commission, which means that we can afford to reduce your round-trip emissions by 50% using biofuel, and pay for the remainder through verified removal offsets.

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But the important thing to remember is that the longer you stay, the more commission goes towards the purchase of biofuels, which is ultimately where we want to get to. The good news is that this is a trend we’re already seeing, and a direct by-product of the COVID-era, where business travelers are traveling less frequently, but for longer stays and therefore reducing their carbon footprint. 

As for what’s next, we continue to be laser-focused on impact, and continue to follow the developments within the biofuel industry so that we can bring our clients the solutions that help them reduce their environmental impact, but in a transparent and trustworthy way. 

To help you get started, we’ve made it easy. Choose to either pay-as-you-go, where you have the option to reduce and remove your CO2 emissions at checkout, or with a Premium subscription, we’ll cover your costs as part of your plan, regardless of how many people are traveling.

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