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Calculating Your Travel Emissions: A Guide to Goodwings' Carbon Accounting

Learn how to calculate and report your company's travel emissions with our carbon calculator. Get insights on sustainability reporting and reducing your carbon footprint.

Making responsible choices for your company travel requires insight, especially if you're the one doing the sustainability reporting. Here's everything you need to know about our carbon calculator and the data we provide for you and your company. 

The framework for our calculations

To use the latest and most accurate data, we use principles produced by the GHG Protocol. They provide the Corporate Accounting and Reporting Standard that is used by major companies worldwide.


Our current dataset is based on DEFRA's greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors. We use this data to calculate the emission of each part of your trip. You can download our current emission factors here.


We base our calculations on the following datapoints:

  • Distance traveled
  • Method of transportation
  • The number of people traveling
  • The number of nights
  • We include 3 meals a day pr. person

How we calculate your travel emissions calculator goodwings




The calculator

When you go to check-in, we calculate your travel emissions on the spot, with the help of our Carbon Calculator. The Carbon Calculator will always show an educated estimate of your travel. 

You can change the settings in the calculator to get a more accurate calculation of your CO2 footprint - and yes, there's a big difference in CO2 emissions depending on what car you drive, or whether you fly business or coach. 


Your travel emission data

All the data from our calculator is gathered in your company's travel emission report. 

You can download the report from your corporate dashboard at



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