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Oxford Research: Goodwings enables us to keep track and reduce our carbon footprint

Oxford Research: Goodwings enables us to keep track and reduce our carbon footprint

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Oxford Research, under the Oxford Group, is a specialized consultancy providing services to both governmental and non-governmental clients on the EU, Nordic, national and local level. It works with knowledge and innovation systems, development of municipalities and regions; social, educational and labour market policies.


We caught up with Kim Hannemann Møller, founder and group CEO of Oxford Group, to hear why he has chosen to partner with Goodwings.


Immagine di iOSKim Hannemann Møller, founder and group CEO of Oxford Group


Can you tell us about the reason why Oxford Research has decided to travel Net Zero with Goodwings?

"We have supported Goodwings from its foundation. Your mission and values are aligned with ours. When Goodwings decided to narrow their scope from the 17 UN Goals to travel net zero, we appreciated the focus and continued working with Goodwings."


Has Goodwings helped reduce the time you spend on calculating Oxford Research's travel emissions?

"We would never be able to keep track of our carbon footprint without Goodwings, so we never spent time calculating our travel emissions nor would we do if we did not have Goodwings. However, we appreciate the opportunity both to calculate our travel emissions and, more importantly, have easy access to a way to neutralize our carbon footprint."


Has your decision to make your business travel Net Zero affected your company culture, company image and/or your employees’ perception of you?

"Our company was founded, more than 25 years ago, on a mission of contributing to a sustainable society. That's an inherent part of the company culture, our image and people's perception of me as a Founder and Group CEO. Over time focus on what is sustainable shift. Goodwings "Travel Net Zero" has been a great help in the ever changing search for where and how do we contribute to sustainability in society."



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Does Oxford Research have a sustainable goal that Goodwings is helping you achieve?

"By nature of what we do in our company (working with social, industrial and economic issues) our sustainability goals relate to the impact of our work on people, organizations and broadly in society. Little of what we do relate to i.e. climate issues. In one sense, therefore, the answer is no. In another sense, however, the answer is yes since it helps us address a goal that is more related to how we do that to what we do."




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