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Small ways to travel more sustainably

There are many ways to reduce environmental impact without compromising your trips. We list some of them and hopefully, you can make use of these points

A lot of us find our travels to be some of the most fulfilling experiences in our lives. There’s no denying how big of an impact travelling has on us as individuals — from widening our understanding of the world to allowing us to explore other cultures. However, travelling frequently isn’t exactly environmentally friendly. In fact, data from Nature Climate Change highlights how tourism is responsible for at least 8 per cent of the world’s carbon emissions, as activities such as flights, boat rides, lodging, and souvenirs contribute to the industry carbon footprint. 


Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to reduce your environmental impact without compromising your trips. In this blog, we list some of them and hopefully, you can make use of these points in the future.








Go for Eco-Tourism Destinations

In many countries all over the world, certain destinations primarily encourage tourists to experience natural areas that foster cultural and environmental appreciation, understanding, and conservation. Also known as eco-tourism destinations, these tourist spots preserve the integrity of the natural wonders it harbors. In addition, officials in these areas also focus on conserving the historical and cultural heritage of the locale.


Choosing an eco-tourism destination is no guarantee that your trip will emit less carbon, but most of these destinations prioritize sustainability in their own way by saving energy, cutting down on plastic, preserving local ecosystems or having a positive impact on the local community. You also shouldn’t be worried about being limited to where you can go, as most countries have plenty of eco-tourism destinations that value their natural and cultural heritage.








Opt for Environmentally Friendly Transport Options

It’s best to avoid flights whenever possible. This is mainly because airplanes release about 3 per cent of the total global climate emissions, as well as produce vapor trails that negatively impact the environment. For this reason, try to choose transportation options that aren’t as destructive to the environment. Treehugger notes that such transport options include trains and diesel buses, which have a lower per capita emission rate compared to planes.










Support Local Economies

What’s sad about tourism is that most of the money spent on trips goes to huge, global, corporate tourism operators. This means that local entrepreneurs and business owners often make do with the little amount left for them, and miss the opportunity to innovate and scale-up. In this regard, you should always aim to support the local communities you travel to. You can do this by eating and shopping locally, travelling with local transport providers, and staying in local eco-friendly hotels.


If you want to reduce your carbon footprint when travelling, be sure to heed the advice we’ve listed above. For more posts and insights on how to live and travel sustainably, be sure to check our blog here on Goodwings. 



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