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Webinar roundup, 2021

Goodwings 2021 webinar roundup. STHLM Tech Meetup, B-Corp Group, Dasgupta, Sistema B International, GH Sustainability, XLN, Reset Connect, Verra, TechSoup, Intuit, Impact Hub, We Don’t Have Time, X-festival, NOAH Conference

2021 was definitely a year with a lot of webinars! This blog will give a short overview of some of the many webinars we participated in throughout 2021. 




STHLM Tech Meetup. January 20, 2021

Speakers: Christian Møller-Holst, Ingmar Rentzhog, Torsten Kiel and more.


The year started off great with our CEO and Founder Christian Møller-Holst being a guest speaker at the STHLM TECH summit’s climate edition. At the summit he talked about Goodwings, and how we’ll make carbon neutral travel possible. 


You can watch the full meetup in the video below.



B-Corp Group: Dasgupta and the need for a triple bottom line approach. March 24, 2021

Speakers: John Brown & Christian Møller-Holst.

Following the release of the Dasgupta Review and the end of B Corp month, our CEO joined other B-leaders to speak about how to measure growth and built triple-bottom-lines, as a B Corp. The event was organized by the B-Corp Group in collaboration with PRCA.

You can read more here or watch the webinar in the video below.







Goodwings Webinar: Net Zero travel - changing the impact of the industry. March 31, 2021

Speaker: Christian Møller-Holst

In this webinar, our CEO touched upon various topics on sustainability within the travel industry. Christian addressed topic of sustainable travel and its obvious limitations, how we calculate and remove travel emissions verifiably at Goodwings, and how we can help automate your travel emissions reporting.


You can watch the full webinar in the video below.




Goodwings live chat: The Race to Zero, and the Rebirth of the Travel Sector. April 8, 2021

Speakers: Marcel Fukayama & Christian Møller-Holst

Following a co-written article of the same name, Marcel Fukayama, Executive Director of Sistema B International and our CEO and founder, joined up for a live chat April 8. Fukayama and Møller-Holst shared their knowledge about the B Corp movement and the Race to Net Zero, and discussed the potential and strength of the B Corp community and how to rebuild the travel sector sustainably. 

You can read our blog on the article, or watch the full live chat below!






Goodwings Webinar: How to turn your business travel Net Zero. April 29, 2021

Speakers: Douglas Marett & Christian Møller-Holst

In order for companies to take responsibility for their emissions - the first step to accountability and change is knowing where one stands. At Goodwings we want to help with that! Therefore, we held a webinar with the CEOs of Goodwings and GH Sustainability to provide a crash course in Net Zero travel, scope 1,2 and 3, and climate reporting with their insights on climate reporting, removing emissions and more!

You can watch the full webinar in the video below.






Goodwings Webinar: A quick technological fix for climate change? May 27, 2021

Speakers: Katherine Richardson & Christian Møller-Holst

There’s no doubt we’ve become increasingly reliant on technical solutions for solving our everyday problems. Addressing this, we held a webinar with Professor Katherine Richardson and our CEO and founder. They discussed the hope for a technological climate quick fix, planetary boundaries and the importance as to why we must reduce and remove emissions now.

You can read some highlights and snippets in our blog or watch
the full webinar in the video below.





Goodwings live chat: Goodwings & XLN: The power of partnerships. June 3, 2021

Speakers: Christian Nellemann & Christian Møller-Holst

This live chat features our CEO and the Founder of XLN Christian Nellemann who discussed our partnership, meeting the UN’s 17 SDG’s and creating a more sustainable tomorrow with the power of partnerships!

Watch the live chat in the video below.


Building Back Better: A Net-Zero Events Industry webinar with Reset Connect. June 30, 2021

Speakers: Mike Piddock, Lucille Ryan, Sian Richards, Anna Abdelnoor, Christian Møller-Holst, and many more.

In relation to the launch of our partnership, our CEO spoke at Reset Connects webinar. The webinar focused on a thriving events ecosystem can and should look like, and how the events industry can build back better.

Christian spoke about Goodwings, committing to Net Zero and how Net Zero travel can help the event industry towards climate change mitigation.


Read more about the event here. 

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Goodwings Webinar: Carbon offsetting 101: tackling climate change with nature. June 24, 2021

Speakers: David Antonioli & Christian Møller-Holst.
Moderator: Thomas Kolster

Knowing the difference between the terms and methods of reducing and removing your footprint plays a vital role when mitigating climate change. However, it can be difficult to understand. 


Therefore, we did a webinar with CEO of Verra, David Antonioli, to dig deep into carbon offsetting, nature based solutions and verification. Also, we give insight as to exactly how we're able to remove your travel emissions through nature based solutions!

You can read a recap on our blog, or watch the full webinar below!



Goodwings: Turning Travel into Climate Action. September 22, 2021

Speakers: Christian Møller-Holst, Petr Skvaril, Sean Kinghorn & Shruti Ramaswami,
Moderator: Sweta Chakraborty

We want to turn travel into the single largest force for climate mitigation. That’s why we launched our goal of 1 billion green trips by 2030 in a live online event together with our global partners!

With representatives from TechSoup, Intuit, Impact Hub and We Don’t Have Time, we addressed the power of partnerships, and how we will work together to combat climate change. 


Watch the full event in the video below.


X Festival: Turning Travel Net Zero with Goodwings. November 30, 2021

Speakers: Christian Møller-Holst, Joined by representatives from Google, World Travel and Tourism Counsil, Pinterest and many more.

At the event, Christian spoke on how Goodwings offers a solution that makes it easy and affordable for both businesses and individuals to travel Net Zero and also our 2030 Moonshot goal of turning 1 billion trips Net Zero.


Read more about the X festival here. 



NOAH conference in Zürich. December 6, 2021

Representatives from: Volta charging, CarbonClick,, Lakestar, Treedom, Brainforest, South Pole, Normative, Impossible Foods

To end 2021 as great as it started off, our CEO and founder attended and spoke at the NOAH conference in Zürich representing the category of ‘Carbon Markets and ESG Consulting’ where he shared the Goodwings concept and vision with like minded climate leaders. 


To see the full speech watch the video below. 




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