We teamed up with GoodJobs!

Goodwings is partnering with GoodJobs to offer their members a special deal on our Net Zero travel business plans.

Goodwings has partnered with GoodJobs to offer their members a special deal on all our Net Zero travel business plans.


GoodJobs, a platform for sustainable and social jobs

GoodJobs is the largest online platform offering sustainable and social job positions in Germany. Together with its huge community and its partner organizations, Goodjobs commit to change the world of work by moving away from the traditional focus on profit, aiming to maximize their positive impact by making it easy for job seekers to find jobs that make the world a better place. We're proud to become a part of this community, with this partnership.


A partnership with benefits

Goodwings is now offering all GoodJobs members a special discount on all paid plans, to give them an opportunity to further amplify their sustainable impact by traveling Net Zero on their business trips. 




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Read the GoodJobs article about Goodwings and our partnership here.




Goodwings enable Net Zero travel for businesses

For most companies, travel is a leading source of their emissions. A year of limitations to business travels has provided companies the time to rethink how they do business, including how they can travel in a more sustainable manner.

That’s why GoodJobs and Goodwings are working together to make travel better for the planet, by enabling businesses to verifiably remove the amount of CO2 that was emitted with their business travel.





How it works

Removing your travel emissions is easy when you use Goodwings. All you need to do is book your hotel through our website and we’ll remove the carbon emissions from your entire trip, including hotel stay, flights, transfers, and even meals. 


  1. Book your hotel on - Goodwings has more than 1 million hotels worldwide to choose from, offering the same hotels at comparable rates
  2. We crunch the data - You tell us how you get to your hotel by using our carbon calculator at check out, and we’ll work out the total carbon footprint from your whole trip.
  3. GoodJobs members get to travel Net Zero - We remove your travel emissions verifiably through our third-party validated CO₂ removal project. This enables you to travel Net Zero. 


On top of verified removal of your travel emissions, signing up for the Pro or Enterprise plan on will also give you access to downloadable travel emissions reports as well as finance reports, among other helpful travel management tools. Remember, as a GoodJobs member you get a special discount on all our paid plans.

Read about the discount and how to get started here.




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