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Global Evolution: Goodwings is directly helping us achieve our Net Zero emissions goal through their tree planting project

Global Evolution: Goodwings as a leader in the cultural shift towards social and environment justice across the globe

Customer Story

Global Evolution is a Specialist Emerging and Frontier Markets Investment Manager. It is known for its innovative approach to investing in emerging and frontier markets and is today one of the most widely recognized experts and pioneers in this segment of the market. A strategic commitment to impact investment and ESG sustainability is an integrated part of the company approach to investment.

We caught up with the Co-founder, CIO & CEO of Global Evolution, Morten Bugge, to hear his thoughts on how Goodwings adds value to his company.


Morten Bugge, Co-founder, CIO & CEO of Global Evolution


Can you tell us why Global Evolution has decided to travel Net Zero with Goodwings?

"At Global Evolution we are motivated to provide our clients with optimal investment results but that these are positively impactful in terms of sustainably lifting poor nations out of poverty. Goodwings has proved an excellent partner on our journey."

Has your decision to make your business travel Net Zero affected your company culture, company image or your employees’ perception of you? 

"To successfully achieve our goals, we invest not only in our internal corporate culture but also the external societal environment we are an integrated part of. Sustained company—community engagement (CCE) is essential for Global Evolution to achieve our dual purpose of simultaneously enhance shareholder value and socially just and sustainable economic development."






Can you tell us about your thoughts on verification of CO2 removal, and what it means to you that we verifiably remove your travel emissions with a VCS-verified treeplanting project?

"Our partnership with Goodwings is directly helping us achieve our net-zero emissions goal through their tree-planting project. The partnership with Goodwings sits with our ambition to support the Paris Agreement and other climate-related initiatives, such as our support of the Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) via which we express our corporate commitment to limit carbon emission and pollution."

Does Global Evolution have a sustainable goal that Goodwings is helping you achieve?

"The massive cultural shift towards social and environment justice that has taken place in recent years effects every area of our lives. By partnering with Goodwings, especially as we prepare our post-Covid travel agendas, we are helped in our desire to be part of this cultural shift.

The global Covid pandemic further reiterates the interdependencies between the ecosystem of local community, our company and the wider world and how intertwined shareholder values is with delivering social and environmental justice. Company-Community Engagement (CCE) through our partnership with Goodwings has never been more important to Global Evolution. We acknowledge Goodwings leadership in the cultural shift towards achieving social and environment justice across the globe."

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