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Mission : Possible - Meet Anna Bailey

From the top 5 tools she keeps in her tool belt, to the best advice she's ever been given, learn how Anna Bailey keeps on top of her role as EA and founder of Pally Talk.

Anna Bailey is the founder and CEO of Pally Talk - a platform dedicated to advancing the careers of women working as Executive Assistants and Virtual Assistants. What started as a Whatsapp group for EAs looking for anything from last minute Taylor Swift tickets for their boss, to how to develop professionally as an EA, it has now morphed into something altogether more advanced. On Pally Talk you can find lively Group Chats, Jobs Boards and connect with like-minded EAs in similar roles. Think of it like Linkedin, but with more women, honesty and peer-to-peer support.

We spoke to Anna to learn more about her "out of the box" thinking, what she really thinks of AI, and how she ended up touring the shores of Monaco...Enjoy!  


What are the three words that sum up the role of an EA?

Intense, Rewarding, Forever-Changing

What are the things that you do regularly that aren’t in your job description?
  • I react to any situation at any time of the night or day 
  • I think and live the role 24/7
  • Recruitment - EAs play an important role in the interview stage
  • I find solutions for any issue
  • I often have to take on the role of driver and chauffeur
  • Event planning

What are the 5 secret weapons in your tool belt? 

  • Being tech-savvy
  • Having a varied book of contacts across different industries
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Being a good manager 
  • Being an all-rounder, people's person
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How do you keep on top of new developments and expand your skill set?

Networking - Pally Talk provides a platform for female assistants to connect and share advice in order to learn and develop skills and knowledge in the industry.

What are the most time consuming tasks for you as an EA?

Researching trusted companies before recommending them to your boss or client - that goes for anything from travel to handling luxury items.

Tell us about a time when you had to deal with a difficult travel situation, and what you did

A client was in Paris when the air traffic control went on strike and we needed to get him back to London. The Eurostar was fully booked online and not taking any phone calls, luckily we got him to the station and upgraded the account to a Eurostar Business Premier Account so he could get a seat on the next train to London.

Best travel planning hack? 

Always have a plan B and think outside the box.

“AI will be the end of all EAs” - true or false?

This could partly be true but I do think that the client will miss the company of having a real and personable relationship with their assistant. AI won’t be as good at bouncing ideas off or meeting for coffee!

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What's the strangest thing you've ever been asked to do as an EA?

"On my second day I was asked to re-organise a cupboard full of IT wires"

What is the most unrewarding task in your day-to-day job?

Downloading and uploading files into Google Drive.

And the most rewarding?

Meeting and connecting with new and efficient service providers and contacts who make tasks easy and straightforward. Building new connections!

What’s the best praise you’ve ever received as an EA?

"I couldn't do this without you"

Best advice you’ve ever given someone else?

At the beginning of a task, take your time. When an assistant job is done in a rush, it is very obvious and information is missed. There is always a solution if the project is done with care and patience. 

Best advice you've ever received?

Be proactive rather than reactive. 

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Most memorable moment or day as an EA?

"Traveling to Monaco to look at Super Yachts!"


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