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Travel Management

How to organise a kick-ass company offsite

Learn how to plan an unforgettable company offsite, from setting objectives to post-event follow-up, making sure it's a success every step of the way.

Travel Management

Best Travel Software for Small Businesses

Learn how to choose the right travel management software for your small business, the essential features you should expect and the key questions you...

Executive Assistants

Mission : Possible - Meet Anna Bailey

From the top 5 tools she keeps in her tool belt, to the best advice she's ever been given, learn how Anna Bailey keeps on top of her role as EA and...

Executive Assistants

Mission : Possible - Meet Jodie Mears

Discover the strangest thing she's ever had to do as an Executive Assistant, the best advice she's ever been given, and the 5 essentials she keeps in...

Travel Management

A complete guide to travel and expense management

Discover what qualifies as a business expense, what doesn't and how to successfully roll out an expense policy that's easy for employees to follow.

Sustainability & Business

ESG trends from 2023 and how to stay ahead in 2024

Discover the biggest developments for sustainable business in 2023 and a look ahead to 2024, including new legislation and the importance of a...