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Skagerak: Establishing new industry standards with Goodwings’ smart CO2 reporting

Learn how Skagerak, an international design business, is working towards becoming Net Zero by 2030 with the help of Goodwings' smart CO2 reporting.

We had the pleasure of speaking to Mia Møgelgaard, Global Impact Manager at Skagerak, about the brand's climate goals and how Goodwings is helping them on their journey to become Net Zero by 2030.


About Skagerak

Established in 1976, Skagerak is an international design business that produces long-lasting, beautifully designed furniture. Skagerak has committed to achieving Net Zero by 2030 and Goodwings has been part of their journey, helping them with climate reporting and removing CO2 emissions from their business travel.




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How Goodwings is reducing Skagerak’s workload and improving accountability


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Climate reporting takes up valuable time and resources. Having accessible data about employee travel emissions in one place is a game-changer.

“You give us a lot of good data, and for me, as an administrator, this is super helpful. Especially because we do our own impact reporting. The more data we can get, the more detailed a report we can create.”


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Skagerak needs accurate data to improve emissions accountability. Having accurate data supports Skagerak’s journey to becoming Net Zero by 2030.
"A big part of my work for Skagerak is looking into our impact reporting and CO2 emissions and finding ways for us to improve. The data you provide us with is very much in line with this work”


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We help Skagerak report on their business travel emissions

Reporting is a big part of Skagerak's impact work and the data we provide by calculating their travel emissions are included in their latest Impact Report. Below you can see the calculated emissions of Skagerak's travel from 2020 to 2021. 




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Try our calculator for free to get an estimate of your company's travel emissions.

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How Goodwings can help you achieve your business climate goals


We save you time on climate reporting
Climate reporting is increasingly becoming the standard across every sector and company size. Customers like Skagerak value that they can create a climate report for all business travel (including flights, transfer and meals) whenever they want, instead of spending hours of manual reporting.

We calculate how much you emit, and remove it from the atmosphere
We help measure, reduce and verifiably remove all travel emissions, when you book your travel through our platform. During the interview, Mia described how Skagerak is still developing their strategy for going Net Zero:

“When I started working at Skagerak, we had already committed to the goal of becoming Net Zero by 2030. Like many of the other businesses that have committed to this goal, we still don’t have all the answers for how we are going to get there, but we know it’s where we want to end up.”


Our user friendly travel management system makes it easy to implement company-wide climate action
We have developed a user-friendly booking platform so that employees can use it like they would any other booking site, without having to drastically change their normal habits.

“The intuitiveness of your site makes my job a lot easier - it’s easy to use and understand for our employees which is an advantage because changing the habits of a whole team requires more than just convincing them that it’s a good idea and good for the planet”.



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Skagerak's path to achieving Net Zero

Skagerak achieved their B Corp Certification in 2017, and like us, they have pledged to become Net Zero before 2030. This has prompted several sustainability initiatives to improve all aspects of their value chain, including sustainable wood sourcing, designing long-life products, and removing employee emissions created through business travel. Mia explained:

“We have very big initiatives - the ones that require us to restructure our business. Then there are all the initiatives that are important to our employees, that signal we are not neglecting any part of our value chain. I think it’s important to prioritize both. Even though business travel and office power usage are a very small part of our overall footprint, paying attention to these details sends a very important message. It signals that we are trying to incorporate sustainability measures into every part of our business.”


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“We want to give back to the local community and create green spaces that people can enjoy and watch grow. It fits our climate ambitions because it will contribute positively to our climate reporting in the long run - not the moment we plant them, but in 5-10 years we will be able to see the impact.

We expect the trees to absorb around 240 tons of CO2 yearly. In that way, it works well with the rest of our strategy, but it is mostly based on a wish to create a positive impact in the local community that we’re a part of.”

You can read more about Skagerak’s sustainability work here.



Take the strain out of climate reporting

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