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Most read blogs in 2021

As we just recently entered 2022, we wanted to wrap up 2021 by listing some of Goodwings most read blogs in 2021!

As we just recently entered 2022, we wanted to wrap up 2021 by listing some of our most read blogs in 2021! 


1.“Turning travel into climate action” 

September 22 2021, we launched our goal of 1 billion green trips by 2030 in a live online event with our global partners TechSoup, Impact Hub and Intuit. In the blogpost we gathered some highlights from the event in a short video. If you missed the event - don’t worry! You’re able to see the whole event in the blog as well.

You can read it here.



2.“The rise of bleisure travel”

As technological development is booming, the lines between work and personal life has become more and more merged. This, in turn, has an effect on how we travel as well. Adding some extra days to your business trip to explore culture, food and sights of your business trip destination is becoming more and more common among business travelers. In this blog you’re able to read more about the rising tendency of ‘bleisure’ travel, and how Goodwings tries to accommodate that.


You can read the blog here.


3.“The great climate quick fix? Exclusive webinar with Katherine Richardson” 


May 27 2021 we held a webinar featuring Professor Katherine Richardson and Goodwings CEO and founder Christian Møller-Holst. In the webinar “The great climate quick fix - an illusion?”  Richardsson and Møller-Holst discussed the hope for a technological climate quick fix, planetary boundaries and the importance as to why we must reduce and remove emissions now. 


Go to the blog to get a short recap or watch the full webinar here.


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4.“Carbon offsetting 101: tackling climate change with nature” 

June 24 2021 we did a webinar with CEO of Verra, David Antonioli, and our CEO and founder to dig deep into carbon offsetting, nature based solutions and verification. In the webinar Antonioli and Møller-Holst discussed carbon removal through tree planting, and why we need nature based solutions to help mitigate climate change.


Go to the blog to get a short recap or watch the full webinar here.


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5.“Let’s talk about the IPCC report, and what it means”

August 9 2021, the IPCC (the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released the most extensive climate change report to date. 


This blog emphasizes some of the most important highlights from the IPCC report, and also how there’s still hope for the future. The blog features a short video with Risk & Behavioral scientist on climate and health, Dr. Sweta Chakraborty. 


You can read the blog and see the video here.



6.“Make Climate Cool Again, The Sustainable Futures Report, Tune Into Tourism and NOAH 2021”

2021 was a busy year for Goodwings, and it really showed! This blog provides a wrap-up of some of the webinars, podcasts and conferences that Goodwings was featured in at the end 2021.


You can read the wrap up here.




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