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The 8 best European cities for vegans

Veganism is gaining in popularity world over thanks to it being healthy, delicious and good for the planet! Check out these 8 European cities for vegans

As veganism has become more popular all over the world, it’s no surprise that more and more great vegan restaurants, products and services have popped up everywhere. Of course, one of the main reasons people decide to go vegan is because it’s one of the biggest things we can individually do to make a difference towards living carbon neutrally. In the past, many cities in Europe have been a little behind the curve regarding veganism, but that is changing. Now there are vegan hotspots popping up all over the continent. Let’s take a look at some of the best cities to visit for vegans.




Scotland’s largest city is, you may be surprised to learn, actually very vegan friendly. The land of haggis and fish now has a surprising number of fully vegan restaurants as well as many vegan options in other places, even in ones you might least expect to find them! From high end dining options, to typical Scottish breakfast made vegan, there’s something to satisfy pretty much every craving you might have in Glasgow.

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Cyclists cycing towards the Arc de Triomf in Barcelona


Though Catalunya is often associated with seafood, the capital is actually very vegan-friendly and does a lot to promote its image as a city welcoming to vegans and vegetarians. You can find pretty much every kind of vegan food in Barcelona, including gourmet dishes, super healthy raw food, pastries, burgers and of course many different kinds of tapas.

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This city in northwest Italy has branded itself as the vegetarian capital of Italy, and it may easily be the most vegan-friendly place in the country north of Rome. Though it is a rather small city, there is vegan food everywhere, with everything from burgers to bar food, plenty of typical Italian dishes made vegan, and of course vegan gelato!

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The vegan offerings to be found in Budapest are certainly not endless, but they do cover quite a wide range of cuisines from Middle Eastern to East Asian and Mexican to Indian, as well as of course plenty of Hungarian meals made vegan. The general attitude towards veganism in Budapest is also one of acceptance and understanding, so finding vegan options even in places that do not advertise themselves as vegan is relatively easy too.

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The vegan scene in Prague does an excellent good job of covering the range of food options, with a good number of eateries focusing on healthy (and often raw) food, but also several places with typical Czech cuisine made vegan, fast food and some more high end options. There are also several great places to go in search of other vegan non-food products such as soap, shoes and even tampons!

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Undoubtedly the vegan capital of Europe, Berlin has a plethora not only of all vegan restaurants, but supermarkets, shoe shops, sex shops, events and festivals produced entirely without animal cruelty. Vegan fast food is definitely Berlin’s thing, so there are plenty of places to get a quick, cheap and filling meal in the city for around €5. Weekend brunch buffets are also very popular, though one thing that’s clearly missing are some high end options.

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View of a tram in Lisbon


What’s on offer in Portugal’s capital in terms of vegan food has expanded considerably in the last few years. There are places for excellent burgers, pizza, Asian food, buffets, health foods and raw food, with a nice range of fancier sit-down restaurants and fast food takeaway places. Even in non-veggie places it has become much easier to find vegan offerings, with many cafes offering non-dairy milk for hot drinks and vegan sweets.

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As a city with a huge student population (almost 17% of the 1.7 million people), it should be no surprise that Warsaw is a great city for vegan food, as we see all over the world that young people are leading the way in veganism. With several fully vegan restaurants and plenty with vegan options offering everything from sushi to brunch dishes, and Polish comfort food to burgers, you’ll find pretty much everything you’d like made vegan in Warsaw.

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