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Goodwings featured in The Company Dime

Goodwings was featured in The Company Dime article 'Buyers, intermediaries to hold hotels accountable for environmental protection'

15 December 2020 Goodwings was featured in an article by The Company Dime. In this article, Goodwings is emphasized as a new force within the travel industry.


Stakeholders are now looking to hold hotels accountable for environmental protection. Air travel gets a lot of attention, however in this article The Company Dime sheds light on the CO2 footprint of the hotel industry and the need for initiatives to reduce emissions.



You can read the full article “Buyers, intermediaries to ‘hold hotels accountable’
for environmental protection


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The Company Dime identifies Goodwings as a tool that can drive change in the accountability of companies and travellers when they make booking choices. In fact, Goodwings provides them hotel booking facilities, emissions calculations, access to reports and verified carbon removal. 

As a result, even though businesses are not travelling a lot these days, Goodwings is selected by those who are now deciding how to restart travel post-pandemic. 



Excerpt from article

Goodwings is a hotel booking site for small and medium-sized enterprises that calculates a user’s trip emissions and removes an equal amount from the atmosphere by investing in “verified nature-based solutions.”


CEO Christian Møller-Holst said the company funds such solutions by redirecting advertising dollars and supplier commissions. 

(…) Goodwings plan is to build a platform that’s as good as the OTAs; provides the same lodging inventory and pricing; avoids spending money on Google Adwords, TV commercials, Facebook and the like; and allocates funds into the climate change fight." 



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