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How to boost your B Corp score with Goodwings

Learn how to boost your B Corp score and reduce your travel emissions with Goodwings - the Travel Management System helping businesses achieve their sustainability goals.




For those who have not been through it, the B Corp Impact Assessment can seem daunting and complicated - rightly so. But as an exercise, it forces businesses to truly assess the impact of their operations and set even more ambitious goals for the future. To mark B Corp month this year and to focus on “Going Beyond”, we’re taking a look at the assessment process, and the quick wins available to improve your Environment score.




The BIA or B Corp Impact Assessment looks at five key areas of a business’ operations, including Governance, Community, Environment, Customers and Workers. For each of these areas, businesses are allocated a score that reflects their performance.

Since no two businesses are exactly the same, the scoring system is customized to reflect the business and its particular focus, size and geography. For example a small company in Estonia won’t get the same line of questioning as a large multinational in the US.





The B Corp assessment process
To certify as a B Corp, you need to get at least 80 out of a possible 250+ points. And while 80 may seem like a small number in relation to the top tier of 250, it’s still incredibly difficult to achieve, and many businesses don’t get there on their first attempt, with the average score sitting at under 55 points. The assessment, after all, has been intentionally designed to be both aspirational and rigorous, making sure that businesses are put through their paces in the process. 


But there’s encouraging news
Since the B Corp Assessment process is about championing progress and rewarding businesses that are at least taking that first step, they provide you with an “Improvement Report” after your assessment, which is essentially a roadmap with tangible recommendations of how you can improve your impact score across the five areas. This will help you assess your current operations and benchmark yourself against your peers, for an improved score. 


So where does Goodwings fit in?
When it comes to your Environment score, there are around 20-45 points available. Environment looks at the areas of climate, water, land and biodiversity, and factors in not only your direct impact but that of your supply chain and distributors too. Naturally, your company’s air travel and the impact it has on the environment falls into this category, making it an easy place to improve your score with Goodwings. 





Goodwings helps you reduce and report on your travel emissions


We give you full trip calculations you can trust
Without an accurate reading of your business’ travel emissions, you can’t reduce or remove them with full accuracy. Our carbon calculator tracks your full trip emissions including flights, transfers, hotels and meals, using data conversion factors from DEFRA - the leading resource for GHG emissions reporting and trusted by thousands of international corporations worldwide.

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We reduce your emissions to high standards
When we know how much you will emit on your business trip, we reduce your emissions with biofuel and nature-based removal offsets from our project in La Pintaga, Montevideo. Our climate solutions are third party validated and meet the strictest criteria for effective climate mitigation. What’s more, you get unlimited reduction and removal as part of your annual subscription. Get in touch to learn how we can reduce your travel emissions with biofuel and nature based removal offsets.

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You get all the documentation you need to be fully transparent
Because being a B Corp is all about transparency across your business’ operations, we provide you with full traceability for every part of the process - which includes everything from the biofuel we purchase on your behalf, to the registration of the removal offsets in the Verra registry. Having this documentation at hand allows you to continue to set targets to reduce, but with the assurance that if you do have to travel for work, that your emissions will be reduced in a responsible and transparent way.

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“We’ve been part of the B Corp movement since 2019, and seeing how the community has grown is amazing, because it shows that more businesses are stepping up and taking responsibility for their actions. Even though it was a tough process to go through, it’s one of the best things we’ve done as a company, and we’re proud to count so many B Corps as clients.”  

Christian Møller-Holset, CEO and Founder, Goodwings



The important thing to remember with your B Corp Impact Assessment is that you’re not alone - there are numerous tools and resources that can help you through the process, and if you’re struggling to find time to devote to this yourself, there are trained consultants who can guide you through the assessment criteria. 


If you’d like to find out more about how you can reduce your travel emissions in an affordable way, get in touch with one of the team today.


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