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Springwise features Goodwings as one of the 21 sustainable business ideas for 2021!

Goodwings was featured again on Springwise representing one of 21 sustainable business ideas for 2021 among other green innovations and solutions.

December 15 2021 Goodwings was again featured on Springwise! This time representing one of 21 sustainable business ideas for 2021. 

In this article, Springwise highlights green innovations and underlines the importance of more sustainable solutions to inspire other businesses towards a more green approach. 

Here, Goodwings and our paid plans are emphasized as one of Springwises favorite sustainable innovations. 



You can read the full article "21 Sustainable business ideas for 2021" here.




Excerpt from the article

“According to one study, B Corps were 63 per cent more likely than other businesses of a similar size to make it through the last financial crisis. PWC also found that UK B Corps have reported average revenue growth of 14 per cent year-on-year since 2015. With all of this in mind, we’re sharing 21 of our favourite sustainable innovations from the past year that we hope will inspire businesses around the globe to do more to help protect our planet in 2021 — and, in turn, help themselves.


13. Booking platform offsets all carbon from hotel stays

The Denmark-based hotel booking platform Goodwings offers subscription-based access to more than one million hotels worldwide at wholesale rates. However, Goodwings is more than the average booking site, the company is a B Corp–certified member aiming to turn the hotel industry into a catalyst for sustainable change. With Goodwings, all hotel stays are 100 per cent carbon compensated, supporting people and the planet for free.”



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