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What's behind the B?

Learn about the process of becoming a B Corp and the impact it has on Goodwings as a business.

In November,  we received our B Corp recertification - a process that, for those who’ve been through it, can relate to - it takes time, effort, and a huge amount of detail. Added to which, the act of filling out each answer makes us question - are we doing enough? 


Based on our new B Impact Assessment, Goodwings earned an overall score of 95.0 puts us in the top tier of Danish B Corps. To put this in perspective, the median score for ordinary businesses who complete the assessment is currently 50.9. 


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For those who have not been through it, the B Impact Assessment looks at five different areas of a business' operations including workers, community, customers, governance and environment. The process itself took us months to complete, but the good thing is that it really forced us once again as a business to take a look "under the hood" and give ourselves a proper health check. It also helped us set even more ambitious goals for the future.  



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The Impact Score is a great achievement, but for us it goes so much further than that. It’s not just about the logo on our website; the guiding principles of the Impact Assessment contribute to our decision making as a company, the climate solutions we invest in and the culture we set for our employees.  


Being a B Corp is also about the group of companies that we sit beside on this journey, particularly those based in Denmark - the brands changing the face of food waste, like Too Good to Go, or the ones walking the talk of accountability in supply chains like GANNI. We’re so proud to be part of something bigger than just our own mission, because we know that no individual company or organisation can go it alone. 


And finally, it’s about what it means for our customers - many of whom are B Corps themselves. The B Corp certification shows that we are taking full responsibility for our actions as a company, which we hope will continue to attract other like-minded businesses to want to do business with us. 



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In short, the B Corp assessment helps us be better, for people and planet - and for our customers, community, environment and co-workers. By measuring all aspects of our business, we know when we are doing the right things, but it also shows us where we need to improve. 


Getting re-certified is a clear acknowledgement that we’re meeting the highest standards for social and environmental impact. So if that results in an increase of companies wanting to be part of the Goodwings journey because they are steered by those values, then it’s a win-win for us and the planet.


Our next milestone? A score of 110.


You can see our score and full impact report here.

Download the full infographic here.

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