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The Race to Zero, and the Rebirth of the Travel Sector

The Race to Zero, and the Rebirth of the Travel Sector By Marcel Fukayama, Executive Director of Sistema B International, and Christian Møller-Holst,...

Sustainable Business Travel

The 8 best European cities for vegans

Veganism is gaining in popularity world over thanks to it being healthy, delicious and good for the planet! Check out these 8 European cities for...

Climate Solutions

Get to know the carbon offsetting terms

In this video, our CEO and Founder, Christian Møller-Holst, gives his take on the definitions of the frequently used offsetting terms CO2 free, CO2...

Sustainable Business Travel

How to be a part-time sustainable traveler

Want to do the right thing but not into hugging trees? Then maybe you’re a part-time sustainable traveler and that’s OK

Sustainable Business Travel

Why is sustainable travel important?

Should you worry about sustainable travel? In a nutshell, yes. Why? Well you’ll find out why it’s so important right here

Sustainable Business Travel

What is sustainable travel?

Ecotourism, green travel, responsible travel, or sustainable travel - whatever you call it do you even know what it is?